I’m From – Rice Serum


I’m From Rice Serum, 73% Fermented Rice Embryo Extract | Improve Hyperpigmentation, Boost Collagen, Vitality, Supply nutrients to skin with Vitamin B, Healthy Glow


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  • I’m From – Rice Serum Fermented Rice Embryo Extract
  • Give vitality to dull skin – Rice buds are 43 times more concentrated in Gamma-Orizanol and the niacinamide helps making skin clean. It is rich in vitamin B and have powerful antioxidants to boost collagen production.
  • Packed with moisturizing nutrition – Filled with rice bud extract and hyaluronic acid, captures the moisture in your skin from deep inside.
  • Light and refreshing texture – melts immediately into our skin, leaving the refreshing and moist finish on the skin surface.
  • Safe to use – skin irritation test completed / Non- GMO ingredients are used
  • Use together with other I’m from rice line products to highlight its effect.

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