Kitchen Helper, Stool Tower for Kids


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This kitchen helper stool is made in the European Union from Birch plywood. It is available in white, grey, black, and natural wood (lacquered) colors. All materials are certified according to the European Union safety standards and the kitchen chair holds a CE safety certificate. All necessary tools for assembling are included. Assembling will take few minutes and we advise to involve your child in this process.

  • KITCHEN HELPER: enjoy time with your children in the kitchen. A kitchen helper is a savior in the kitchen that will keep your child busy. Let them participate in the process and involve them in your daily activities.
  • KITCHEN TOWER: adjustable platform and step part. This kitchen tower will grow together with your child. The standing platform has 3 heights that can be adjusted to your child once he or she grows. Step part also is adjustable with 3 different levels. The kitchen tower will be suited for children from age 1 to around age 6.
  • MONTESSORI TOWER: order this kitchen helper today to present it as a gift. Each kitchen tower is shipped the next day after the order is made. Delivery time usually is from few days to 10 days. Deliveries are made by FedEx. Please contact us if you have some extra questions.

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