OZLINO 200 Pcs Air Fryer Liners Disposable


Parchment Paper Liners 7.9 inches- Perfect Air Fryer Liners for Baking, Cooking, Roasting, and Microwave, With Fridge Magnet and Cooking Time Cheat Sheet


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  • 【Healthy Food Graded Material】: Does your current air fryer paper is inefficient? No need to worry anymore: Ozlino air fryer disposable paper liner can stand up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The food remains healthy and crispier due to our high-quality airfryer paper liners. Ozlino air fryer plates offer zero inconvenience regarding cleaning as it doesn’t let any liquid.
  • 【Eco-Friendly and Water Resistant】: Irritated by the material of your current liners for air fryer basket? Our air fryer basket liner is non-sticky, water-resistant and oil-proof. Made from pure organic wood chips, our square air fryer liners are 100% healthy. The silicone-coated disposable air fryer liners prevent food leftovers from sticking onto the air fryer.
  • 【Multipurpose and Easy to Use】: Ozlino disposable air fryer paper liners are here to make your life easy. Our air fryer paper liners disposable is multipurpose. You can easily use our air fryer parchment paper in cooking, roasting, and baking. These airfryer liners disposable can also be used as hot pads or baking mats. Thanks to their square bowl shape, these air fryer liners square can easily fit into your air fryers and prevent meal crumbs from sliding down onto the fryer basket.
  • 【Chart with Magnet】: Don’t worry about overcooked or undercooked meals anymore. Ozlino air fryer liners for airfryer paper come with an instructional chart and magnet. Food types, quantities, temperatures, and timing are all listed on the chart, making these airfryer liner ideal for all your cooking needs.
  • 【Multiple Sizes】: Our air fryer liners are available in 6.3 inches and 7.9 inches variations with sets of 120 and 200 pieces.






Air Fryer Liner, Parchment Paper Liner,


Air Fryer Liner, Parchment Paper Liner,



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