POPCHOSE Sandfree Beach Mat, Blanket


Extra Large Beach Blanket Waterproof Sandproof with 6 Stakes, Easy to Clean, Lightweight Compact Beach Accessories


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  • Sandproof, Waterproof, and Dry Fast: Polyester is much superior in dusty resistance, water resistance, and wrinkle resistance. Our beach mat is made from premium 210T parachute rip-stop polyester, which is the ideal material for waterproof sand-free beach blankets. Sand is always the biggest beach enemy of summer, so leave it where it belongs.
  • Exclusive Zipper Pocket Design: POPCHOSE is always having a distant view. As early as 2018 we designed beach blankets with zipper pockets exclusively and uniquely to use on the beach – 5 zip-pockets and 1 integrated drawstring storage bag, 4 anchoring loops with 6 ground stakes are designed to be staked on the beach blanket on the ground, providing dual wind-resistant protection to keep the blanket on the ground even in high winds.
  • Extra Large for Extra Space: POPCHOSE beach blanket extra large as 108″ X 85.2″ to fit 4-7 persons. Perfectly for beach vacations, the couple travels, Hawaii honeymoons, garden afternoon tea, park picnics, hiking, fishing, and kids’ summer camps.
  • Compact & Lightweight: POPCHOSE beach blanket has oversized, but it can fold into a compact size (9.25″ X 5.75″) that fits in a pouch to make a great, lightweight carry-along. With a POPCHOSE waterproof sand-free beach mat, you can solve the not easy-to-carry problem, perfecting your beach vacation. Only 1 pound weight and kids can easily take for camping!
  • Why Choose POPCHOSE Polyester beach blanket? Visionary creativity and professional service. 2 extra ground stakes and carabiners, in order to be more convenient to carry, and given to those customers who lost the stakes and didn’t know where to find them. you came across during beach travel, just leave us a hint! We just want you to enjoy a summer beach vacation with more comfort and a lot less hassle!





Beach Mat, Beach Blanket, Outdoor Mat,



Beach Mat, Beach Blanket, Outdoor Mat, Beach Mat, Beach Blanket, Outdoor Mat,




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